Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally I'm Back... and Blind Contour Fridays

Finally, I am back.  I didn't mean to be this long.  Busy, odd summer.  To keep it short, I was wounded for the month of July and the weather was cold.  I did manage to do half of an art festival (in pain) I sold a lot which was great but... I was in pain and forgot to take pictures of the items that sold.  Now they are gone and I have no record of them.  Oh well, they were sold and the people that bought them 'loved' them.
I thought a good place to start back was with the Blind Contour Fridays I do with my son to finish off our week of homeschooling.


  1. welcome back Florence! =) It really has been a while and glad that you're back from your busy phase.

  2. Wow1 What a summer - I hope you've healed from your wound. I'm glad you're back! nancy