Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EDM #24(? again?) and Painting #3 of 120

Painting #3, I don't like this one.  I don't mind the melon but I hate the background.  I wanted a soft soft barely there pink, not the 1968 bathroom pink. ( and this is toned down)  What did I learn?        
1.  Practice mixing paint   2.  Mix some paint up and test it out before laying it down.  3.  Do what I did for this one... Move on, it is a bad painting, I'm going for 120 of them and this is just one of them.
I hated the cat in the entry below and thought he was horrible until I loaded it with the photo of him and then I didn't mind it as much ( Yes, I made him fatter than he is, I see that now)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EDM #44 and 120 Paintings #2

The goal or purpose of doing 120 paintings is from the quote 'You learn a lot about painting from painting 120 bad paintings.'  (See entry below) I definitely learned a lot from this one.  I have done
a lot of sketches of my cats and one thing I learned is it was much harder for me to paint him then draw him.  I also learned 'relax'!  It is 120 'bad' paintings.  I started this last Thursday and it took
a lot longer than the one or two hours that you're supposed to give yourself.  I started fretting and worked really late on it until my eyes felt like they were looking out the side of my head.  I stopped and thought I was far from finished and didn't come back to take a look at it until Monday night when to my surprise I realized he was DONE!  I just needed to highlight his eyes.  I was shocked but it taught me something.  That is one mistake I keep making, I keep working and working on a piece and
over work them too often.  Walk away, leave it and look at it another day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EDM #24 and 120 Paintings #1

I watched a Webinar  yesterday with artist Larry Seiler.  One of his statements was 'It takes 120 Bad paintings to learn something about painting.'  He encouraged us to get painting, do a painting a day for the next 120 days.  His only rules were do it small, post card size or a little larger but no bigger than 8x10.  Do it quickly, one hour,  2 hours max if just starting.  Use large brushes and paint loosely.  Paint
anything, just paint.  He even showed us a painting he did of his breakfast. A fried egg in the pan. He also gave us a link to one of his past students Jeff Mahorney which I found very inspiring. Well worth the look.  So here is my meager beginning.  #1   I thought the EDM list would help with the ideas.  Looking over it I decided on #24 Draw a piece of Fruit because I had just bought these apples for there beautiful markings.  Hopefully I am back tomorrow with another painting.