Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A little critique would be appreciated

I am happy with the boot on the far right. I don't have a lot of experience painting. I do more sketching so with the black boot I applied what I know from pencil work with light and shadow to the painting and am very happy with how it came out. The shoe however is supposed to be a cloth Victorian shoe and I am not happy with it. It is a little darker in real life but you can still get the flat blah idea of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring

Well, happy first day of spring! What a beginning. I was woken at 1:12a.m. to the sound of my son... um... well... not feeling so well and unfortunately his unwellness did not make it to the bathroom. A little over an hour later, I was able to climb back into bed. Tossed, turned ahhhh. Finally, I am just drifting off to sleep and hear a strange rustling sound. I go out to the kitchen to see my two cats plotting and conspiring. "Hey, if we go to that cloth gingerbread man stuffed with her plastic grocery bags and pull them all out she'll get up again and I'm pretty sure she'll play with us. It's not like she's doing anything." I get the look from them, you know, the I have know idea how that happened look. I get back to bed, well after three. (making sure to turn the alarm off) Spend the rest of the night, awake, asleep, awake, asleep. I am awoken to the sound of laughter and the t.v. I go out... it is 7:30 am. There is my son, wide awake, bright glowing eyes, laughing his BUTT off at Bugs Bunny. Oh my goodness. "Remember the rule when we wake up early dear? Close my door and keep the volume down." Well, when I finally get up, to the dull rainy day, I start ringing out the things I left soaking in the tub. Oh, I should have had my breakfast first before I started this task, I think to myself, when I am almost done. I realize, hey, it is spring, sunny days are sure to be ahead now. (Yes, I am A.D.D., thanks for asking.)So, I give a shout out to my daughter (who was kind enough to get up and help in the night with out being asked) Happy First Day of Spring. "Oh, Mom", she replied. Then we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

EDM Challenge 7,8,9

A few more challenges. These were done with a new pen I got that I absolutely love. It was on sale and I wish I had gotten more at the time. It is a SumoGripII Gel 05 by Sakura. I haven't had a lot of success lately with pens. They scratch, catch, skip and run out, and they never go over top of graphite. Ahhh. But this pen is amazing, smooth and fluid.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EDM Challenge #1-4

EDM is from the book, Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory.
I recently joined the EDM yahoo group. There is a list of challenges (over 200 now) These are the first four.
They are great fun, especially for those moments I want to draw but all I draw is a complete blank.

quick sketch of Moppet

This was a quick sketch I did first for the drawing below.
I put it up because people asked me to (mainly because it frightens my husband.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oil Paintings

These are the first two oil paintings I ever painted.
The painting of the waterfalls (My first ever oil painting)I am entering in an Art Show in April. I was going to enter the one with the palm trees (My second oil painting) but my husband is actually afraid it will sell and wants to keep it for himself.

Moppet and the Monkey

This is our Moppet, the inspiration for the pastel drawing below. The sock Monkey my daughter made.


This is Moppet, a very sweet, snugly, loving cat.
She is not the smartest cat. (Her brother is.) One amazing feat that Moppet has is being able to jump to incredible heights. One day while reading to my son who was on the bottom bunk of his bed we watched as she took a flying leap to the top bunk. As she jumped I noticed she makes an extra spring mid-jump. (Like she is flapping wings.) So I said to my son, "I think she can jump so high because she has wings, they're just invisible". My son (My biggest fan) loved this thought. Maybe we will make a story about her. Moppet, the flying cat.

New at this. Bare with me.

March 17th
I did this painting for an assignment to the White Rock Art Club my daughter and I belong to. The assignment was "weather". I like the sky. I was amazed that I did the sky. The rest of the painting looks a bit cartoony to me. But... I did learn a lot from this painting. I learned to relax, if you mess up you can just paint over it. It is oil on canvas, my 4th oil painting I have done.