Friday, November 18, 2011

Up coming Show in White Rock BC


'Dreaming' -  Mixed Media on Wood

                                           'The Traveling Monkeys' - Mixed Media on Wood
                                                       'Play' - Mixed Media on Masonite
                                                    'Dream' - Mixed Media on Masonite
                                                       'Poppies' -  Acrylic on Canvas
                                                       'Poppies' - Acrylic on Canvas
                                           'Poppy' - Acrylic on Masonite                                                                        These are 4 separate paintings and look like ceramic tile in person.  I should have scanned them separately but was pressed for time.  
                                            'Meow' - Acrylic on Cedar Shingle
                                                 'Mr. Mittens' - Acrylic on Canvas
                                               'Fretting Mittens' - Acrylic on Canvas
                                                       'Imagine' - Mixed Media on Masonite
'Be Who You Are' - Mixed Media on Wood

                                           'Ladies of the Forest Series - Annie'  - Oil on Canvas
'Ladies of the Forest Series - Jessie' - Oil on Canvas
 The above two pictures you really need to click on to see Annie and Jessie.

All the above work (except those on canvas) have wire with beads attached for hanging.  It just looked quite cluttered when I scanned them showing the wires and beads.


  1. Lovely work, good luck with the show!

  2. Wonderful, Florence! Love the 'Ladies of the Forest Series'!

  3. lovely illustrations and designs! Love your style, and good luck with the show too