Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portrait of my daughter

This is a sketch I am still working on for an art course I am taking. It is from a black and white photo copy of a school picture. It is my very first portrait and it is taking me a very long time to get it done. The lips and eyes are driving me crazy. Her eyes came out quite dark in the photocopy, almost as dark as her pupil, and they aren't as lively looking as they should be. I thought I would post it as I work on it so I can see the progression as well as letting others see it and also in case I wreck it. Any comments would be appreciated. I'm a thick skinned beginner so say what you like. I can only progress and learn from honesty.


  1. I think you're doing good. If I'm having a problem with something I'm working on, I like to take a photo to give me a different view and to help me evaluate it.'s good to put it up until the next day for a fresh viewpoint.

  2. I think it's turning out really well! The shading is great and the nose is very good - noses are difficult :-)