Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EDM #227 and #232

The tote bag has been my favorite bag this summer to take out on Plein Air excursions my daughter and I have been going on with a local art group.
The drawing of the last thing I purchased was a gift for my favorite sister. She lives in Ontario and I live in BC so it is difficult to get together for anniversaries. I was working on a painting for her when a severe heat wave hit and it became too difficult to work on (No air conditioning) Her anniversary was getting closer and closer and it soon was obvious I wasn't going to complete the painting in time. I found this gift card for her. It is her and her husbands favorite restaurant. She was very happy with it. She doesn't know it yet that she will soon receive the painting, her second present.


  1. Great drawing of your tote bag - you're very lucky to be able to go draw with your daughter! I'm sure your sister will love the painting - be sure and post a pic of it so we can all enjoy it! nancy

  2. I'm visiting your blog for the first time. Your artwork is FUN! (And, I want that totebag. I need something like this with pockets.)

  3. I like how you shade the tote bag, and the gift card looks colorful and lively too ^^