Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea for two, Me and You!

Whew, finally! I started this painting the beginning of July for my sisters anniversary on July 29th. However, the weather turned too hot and being new to acrylic painting I struggled with the paint drying too fast on the canvas. I decided to put it aside until things cooled down. They didn't, it just got hotter and hotter. I ended up running out and buying a gift card to her favorite restaurant and painting a card for her and her husband. (See the last two blog entries below)

Finally last weekend it cooled enough to finish the painting. I chose the tea pot and two cups because she lives in Ontario and I live in British Columbia and one thing we miss is sitting and having a cup of tea together.

Funny how things work out though. I finished the painting last weekend and sent it off to her (It's a surprise, she has no idea) she called me this morning and told me she has Shingles (ouch) So it worked out. She got an anniversary present, the gift card, for her and her husband and now a get well gift, the painting, which is really made just for her.


  1. What a great painting! I really like the darks in it, and the lemon adds just the right balance. I know your sister loves it! nancy

  2. Absolutely beautiful! ^^ Lovely colors blending with perfect lighting and shades, displaying so much control and reflects depth in your drawing. Great job!!

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  4. where about in Scotland where you thinking of moving to?