Sunday, January 16, 2011

Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop Week 3

This is my week 3 of the Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop.  This week we were to add to the negative space.  This whole workshop has been about re-using.  Re-using copies of our own art work, re-using supplies each week and this week was particularly fun... re-using things we might throw away like bubble wrap and the mesh bag from produce, milk caps etc.


  1. This is lovely! Love the colors and the bits and pieces of the kitty's eyes. What did you use for the diamond shapes? I am doing this workshop as well but am a bit behind...hopefully will catch up this week. I was off island and away from my supplies til this past week. Thanks for sharing!
    (a fellow EDM member)

  2. OH WOW Florence! This is looking stunning! I like all the patterns you have added!

  3. I am really enjoying following along with the progress on this!