Sunday, January 23, 2011

Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop - Week 4

This is my entry for Week 4 (the final week) of the Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop.  We were to add lettering or add to the journaling  we already had and then highlight areas and doodle to fill in.  Basically 'play', something I forget to do.  There are to more workshops coming up, one March 1st and the other May 1st and they are FREE!  Just look on the Strathmore website.  Thanks for watching the page progress throughout the workshop.


  1. Hi Florence, This way of building a visual journal is fascinating! You is fun; I can see there are endless possibilities with this kind of work. Very nice! Cool colors and patterns too!

  2. Yes! a completed page. Nice work.

  3. Nice page! What did they mean by 'highlight' parts? Does that mean putting gesso in to rework? Do you think you'll bring any of the techniques you learned into your other artwork?